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Welcome to Mixed Martial Arts in Portsmouth

Learn the Mix Martial Art (MMA) techniques that you see on cage fighting and UFC

Mix martial arts available for everyone

Our classes are suitable for all levels of fitness. No matter if you have zero fitness we will build you slowly. If you are very fit we will move you to the next level.

  • No prior experience needed
  • Get fit
  • Increase cardio, strength and flexibly
  • Learn stand up punch and kick techniques (from thai boxing,kick boxing & boxing)
  • Learn grapple and ground fighting techniques (from judo, brazlian ju jitsu, sambo, wrestling)
  • Learn how to combine these skills into a smooth efficient fighting style

Fight Club

Ten times a year we ran a Fight Club this is a chance to get real fight experience against people at a similar level to YOU.

It's not compulsory but it's a good idea. I would expect a new person starting in January to get at least 20 rounds of fight experience by the end of the year.

These are run with one goal in mind your development. Typically we spend 1.5 hours on fight strategy and 1 hour of fight time with 3 fights running at a time.

Beginners fight two 2 minute rounds with protection. Experienced fighters fight three, 3 minute rounds.

To be eligible you have to of trained for at least 4 sessions and you will be invited by email. If this is not for you do not worry we will not hold it against you :)